G&E Thermosolar Ltd is a privately owned business that has managed to establish a diversified business portfolio that comprises of both services and products.

Founded in 1983 by George Christofi with solar hot water systems being the primary activity at the time the name Thermosolar was adopted for the company.

Over the years many other activities were added to the capabilities of the company and Thermosolar gradually has taken the position it now holds in the Cyprus market.

Through strategic partnerships with other local companies it has also formed Joint Ventures for execution of a very high profile of infrastructure support contracts for provision of Hard Facilities Management services and Soft Facilities Management services undertaking in house by its own means several aspects of the execution of these.

Further expansion has added a substantial stake in companies that are active in provision of security equipment, Cafeteria Franchises, Land Development, Bakery Production Facility, Asbestos Removal amongst others.